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From: Paul Ottaviano
Date: Monday, 10:37am

Dear Pool Owner,

If you would like to add a backyard retreat to compliment perfect summer days, build a pool deck that increases your property value and creates a fun safe zone for your swim time, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Step-by-step above ground pool deck building help will be included. But...

The bottom line is you have to learn how to plan and design your pool deck so it's a natural fit with your backyard and climate, your intended use, and your personal style. Including all of this in your plans will be bring you a ton of swimming pool enjoyment.

You'll learn the secrets to this here!

Above Ground Pool Decks You Can Build Confidently

When a local pool service referred companies to help us build our pool deck – here’s how the adventure looked:

  • It was a big task to find someone who wanted to do it.

  • Then it was a long search to find someone who could do it right, and reasonably quick enough so we could enjoy our new pool deck during peak swim season.

  • Then when that person came – the first set of materials were wrong for our climate! The second set of materials were not sized right.

  • Then…when he got the materials right – he disappeared part way through the job and took a new job (that paid more).

  • If we complained about it – he complained back!

But what I realized was, had I done the job myself – I could have done it quicker and much better.

I know this because apart from some outside material supplies that had to be brought in from elsewhere – the construction was not too complicated for a DIY project.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert to Build a
Deck Around a Pool!

You just need knowledge and the patience to learn or utilize the skills. You can hire some help. But you don’t need to hire ALL the help.

As long as you understand what needs to be done, you don’t have to be at the mercy of someone who doesn’t care about how it’s done.

You should build a pool deck that:

  • Suits your needs whether you want a private retreat (away from neighbors), a party spot or a “safe” family zone.

  • Works with your climate so that it remains durable during the change of seasons.

  • Fits the natural layout of your backyard so it looks good and remains compatible with your local environment.

  • Meets building codes so you don’t have to tear down what you just built.

  • Reflects the style of the room it adjoins to, if applicable, so it’s consistent with your personal style and your decks intended use.

  • Enhances your pool and its use so even the most casual afternoon float feels more dynamic.

That’s why I’ve created this Web page for you. You’re about to discover the time saving and money saving above ground pool deck building process that great professionals use.

You will even learn the “trade secrets” that no pool deck builder will ever tell you – since it would definitely put him out of business!

You’re going to learn the key phases of deck construction:

  1. the planning process & discovering your design

  2. step-by-step construction

  3. decoration tips once your deck construction is complete

Your DIY Above Ground Pool Deck Will Be Something Your Family or Friends Thank You For

You’re going to build a dream pool deck that will increase the enjoyment of your home and give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

You’ll do this by...

Discovering what tools you’ll really need so you don’t have unnecessary expenses and you avoid pricey mistakes.

Learning expert construction techniques so if you do it yourself you’ll do it easier and most importantly, safely.

And if you choose to use a service you’re going to acquire crucial deck building knowledge so you stay in control of not just your budget, but also your vision.

Know-How for Your Pool and Backyard

If you want to learn how to get more enjoyment out of your above ground pool you need to “get to know your pool”. This could also mean “get to know you”.

Anyone can tell you the basic steps of deck construction and give you a technical guide that possibly informs, but probably doesn’t inspire or give you a sense of power over your project from start to finish.

You will learn those basic steps but I want you to have much more.

You will discover how to develop a great deck plan, on your own or with your family’s input.

You’ll do this by thinking in terms of what not only is practical with your surroundings and in compliance with local codes but also what is compatible with your backyard.

Because every backyard is distinct.

Everyone also has their own intention of use. What is yours?

  • Do you want privacy on your deck?

  • Is it for your kids and their friends?

  • Will you be hosting get-togethers?

  • Is it a quiet place where you can enjoy morning coffee in addition to the occasional swim?

These are just some of the important questions you’ll have to ask yourself from the start so your budget will be influenced first by what you want and then can realistically afford as you make your way through the process.

You’ll learn to build those needs & wants into your above ground pool deck plans before you even buy one piece of lumber.

Which means you’ll save yourself from the frustration of building a pool deck that doesn’t suit your intended use, then goes unused after all of that time & money spent.

Remember that Building a Pool Deck is Not Just a Do-It-Yourself Project; it’s an Investment in Your Home and Your Happiness!

So just giving you general deck building tips and nothing else would be irresponsible of me knowing that without a good pre-production plan you run the risk of building a deck that just doesn’t make you happy.

But you’re not done yet! What about when the deck is finished? Once you’re finished building your above ground pool deck you’ll want to jazz it up with decorations.

I’ll help you with ideas to spark your creativity because I want your above ground pool deck to look awesome so it will be something your family uses as often as possible. And something you’re proud of.

Plus it’s a fun addition that your friends admire because not only is it a great design but you’ve likely just amplified the worth of your residence too.

Do Your Above Ground Pool Deck Plans Imagine People Sitting on the Deck, Dangling their Feet in Your Pool?

A lot of other web sites have sketched plans of random decks that maybe or maybe not fit with your intended use and style. Some even give these away for free.

Deck plans for your swimming pool are important. But what good is a generic deck blueprint when that proposed deck may not be compatible with your backyard?

  • Does it take into account your slope, if you have one?

  • Is there a consideration for your personal tastes?

  • Does it know where your utility lines are?

  • Would that deck plan be the deck that put you in high spirits?

Just by glancing at a common deck plan would you know which one is absolutely right for you?

And if you did know that instantly, you would probably have a lot of experience with building above ground pool decks, and chances are you wouldn’t be reading this.

Other Sites Might Give You a Couple Free Tips on Pool Deck Construction Plans… But You Need More than a Tip Here or a Tip There

I remember awhile back I once had a question regarding dimensions & I just read something like, “space your joists the right way.”

Well, OK. But what’s a joist? How do I know what the right space is?

I know the answer now but the point is that a tip here or tip there from a website is just a teaspoon of information, and you’ll need a truckload of proven information organized into an easy to understand process that produces results.

Which means your above ground pool deck will put a smile on your face.

And this is better than a smirk on a builders face because he just took more money than he possibly earned or a scowl on the inspectors face.

Maybe someone will try to give you a very expensive deck kit over the Internet as if one size could fit all backyards.

I’m not here to ask for thousands of your hard earned dollars like them knowing that the deck might not be the right solution for you.

I’m here to help you learn how to…

  • Think, plan, and build a pool deck like a pro so you can do it yourself with confidence and pat yourself on the back when it’s finished.

  • Learn enough about the subject so if you ever have to hire some help, you’ll know what they’re doing so they stay on track to fulfill your vision.

It’s One Thing to Get Water in Your Ear, but Your Pool Doesn’t Have to be a Headache

Like you, I’m a pool owner. I grew up with a pool in the backyard. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed having and I have a hard time imagining life without a swimming pool.

But like you and your pool I still have occasional problems with it or amenities to the pool that need maintenance or enhancements.

That said, a recurring challenge for me was finding good pool service in my local area & trustworthy builders.

In other words, finding good people that could help me solve my pool related problems was, well, a real issue.

Like you, maybe I wanted to upgrade my deck or add something nice. Who was there to help me do it? After searching, and looking all over, & being let down by companies that disappeared overnight I finally found some help.

But not without hassle and making some mistakes along the way.

I decided to do the research myself so next time I would have enough knowledge to back me up as I went about a new project, or at least speak confidently with a prospective builder.

So I decided to see if other people, like me, were searching for solutions to similar pool related problems.

This is why I started a company that would do the research for you.

You Know, There are More Above Ground Pools Sold in the United States Every Year than Any Other Swimming Pool

So I wondered, “What’s it like for pool owners in climates where an above ground pool is more common?” Who helps them?

If pool service in my area is any indication of what service is like in your local area I figured there would be a lot of people with above ground pools that were looking for honest help.

And that is why I started this company. To do the research for you.

To give you real answers and if anything, a great reference tool for your above ground pool deck project.

Use the Shade to Your Advantage by Knowing Where the Sun Hits in All Seasons

When learning the fundamentals of your planning and design you will begin by asking yourself key questions about your future deck. Questions like…

  • What size will it be?

  • How will it blend with my landscape?

  • What designs should I consider?

  • How does natural plant life in my backyard affect sun-shade?

I’ll help you easily find the answers to these important questions & how you can use these answers to create a style for your deck.

Which means you’ll know the pool deck you’re envisioning is compatible with your lifestyle and landscape, not only saving you money and time but also making sure the deck brings regular enjoyment into your life because it is actually used.

Deck Building is Simple in Concept but You Must Focus on the Details

By the time you reach the brink of construction you’ll be excited with your valuable and newly acquired knowledge.

And ready to apply it.

Here you will get priceless tips on…

  • How to sketch your plans so you stay on schedule during the building phase.

  • Tools and materials because the more you know about these the easier construction of your deck will be.

  • Lumber and how to spot defects so your deck has the best durability and appearance possible.

Plus an honest assessment of your skills and whether you’ll need to hire some help, or proceed by yourself.

This is a key step in the process.

If you can build it all yourself or with a friend, then great! I can help.

But if you choose to hire a professional for some things, that’s great too! I can help.

Because once you’re empowered with this knowledge you’ll be like a composer, conducting everything towards the pool deck you dreamed of. And you’ll be confident because you’ll know what you’re doing.

The benefit here is that before you build a deck around a pool or hire anybody it pays to have a plan. You'll be guided on how to create one using the skills you’ve acquired by this time.

Which means you will save time, money, and be saved from having to deal with building code issues after you start building.

And there is much more! Including the step-by-step nuts and bolts of above ground pool deck construction.

Don't just take my word for it... Listen to what others are saying about my pool deck guide.

“This guide will give you a smart and fun process that doesn't make you feel overwhelmed. If you're building a deck around a pool or planning something bigger you'll get the foundation you need here.”

  • Matthew, upstate N.Y.

“If you are looking to build a pool deck reasonably fast enough to enjoy the summer swim season, or you just want to be able to see your kids swimming safely... this is your guide.”

  • Amy, Roanoke, VA.

When Pool Deck Help is Necessary You Should be Discovering a Whole Avalanche of Solutions

Some of you may have actually searched on Google or Yahoo for deck plans for above ground pools. But maybe you saw some web sites that just want to sell you the above ground pool itself for thousands of dollars.

If you’re somebody who actually typed in something related to pool deck plans I’ll go ahead and make an educated guess that you’re probably a pool owner already, or installing one soon. And now you want a deck.

What I want to do is help you build that deck.

The step-by-step construction basics are from generally accepted contracting methods that bring results, which means you can…

  • Work at your pace, from weekend to weekend if necessary so you can have fun building with your friends and family.

  • Build a deck that will recapture a lot of your building costs through higher home value.

  • Be reminded when it’s a really good idea to check with your local building codes so you can have a deck that is as safe and secure as possible.

  • Learn how privacy can be planned with walls, fences, plants, and more. So you will have the space and comfort that you want.

How to Build a Pool Deck

The simply titled “How to Build a Pool Deck” is an eBook that will take you from start to finish on how to build an above ground pool deck that you will love and enjoy using for as long as you own the home.

  • Learn how to build a pool deck that could get up to 75% of your building costs back through increased home value (National Association of Home Builders).
  • Save hundreds of dollars, possibly thousands, by having a reference guide on what tools and materials are really needed so you avoid expensive purchasing mistakes.
  • Save yourself from legal aggravation by being reminded on when to check local building codes so your deck will remain standing once completed.
  • Learn how you can have fun with your family by including them in the planning stage so when it comes time to build, the planned deck is compatible with your pool and backyards natural environment, and your lifestyle.

One quick word about what you just read…

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is in making sure that your deck is well-suited for your lifestyle. The pool deck looks like what you envisioned but it also just fits with who you are.

Because if it’s not, you will just not use it very much. And that wouldn’t be much fun.

So the following is perhaps my greatest gift to you.

You will learn how to think through your preparation before committing to any purchase of material because this will dramatically increase your chances of creating a pool deck that will look great and will be used over and over again.

And the enjoyment this will bring to you, your family, and your friends is truly priceless.

  • Accomplish something admirable by building something of value with your own hands.

  • Increase the priceless enjoyment of your backyard by incalculable measures all for the mere investment of $0! Yes, that's right... the eBook is free!

But that’s not all!

How to Decorate a Pool Deck

So you’ve finished your deck construction. It’s assembled.

Friends, neighbors, and your family are all chomping at the bit to get a good look at it. You’re no different. You can’t wait to take that first dip in your pool enhanced by your awesome new deck.

You could do that. But you may want to think twice about hosting that party.

Once your above ground pool deck is finished you’ll want to decorate it by using the chapter “How to Decorate a Pool Deck”. Now you can have that pool party & be proud of your results as you show off your new deck.

This is included in your eBook “How to Build a Pool Deck”.

There is more!

How to Care for a Pool Deck

Once the pool deck is built you will also need to maintain it. Or maybe you’ll need to do the occasional repair.

After all, decks are like anything else, they get used and sometimes some normal wear and tear will need some fixing.

I hope this isn’t often. And I’ve researched pool decks to the point where if you follow the process in “How to Build a Pool Deck” it will be as strong as possible.

But we don’t live in a perfect world so at times your deck may need some repair, or some care to reduce the chances of any serious problems down the road. Plus in many cases it will be better for the pool deck in the long-term if the wood is refinished and cleaned on a timely basis.

That’s why I put together a section of the eBook on how to care for your pool deck.

So let’s quickly review what you’re going to get

  • “How to Build a Pool Deck” where you’ll learn the comprehensive step-by-step process the pros use to build a great above ground pool deck so you can create the perfect backyard retreat and accommodation to your pool.

  • “How to Decorate a Pool Deck” the eBook chapter where you’ll learn how you can make your new pool deck look like the best one in the neighborhood and use effective methods for creating the feel you want.

  • “How to Care for a Pool Deck” where you’ll learn deck maintenance secrets and if necessary, learn how to repair your pool deck so it continues to be safely used over and over again.

This is all yours for just one investment of $0! Yes, it's free!

How to Get Your Free eBook

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Remember that building an above ground pool deck should be fun and something that gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Enjoy your pool!


Paul Ottaviano

P.S. - Just in case you’re still hesitating, let me offer a friendly reminder… this free eBook is packed with quality information on how to plan and build a deck around your pool because for this DIY project, reliable info is what you'll want!

This open license eBook is for those of you who want to know you're building a quality pool deck, but in an easy to understand format... so you'll know that you're building what you want and it's going in the right direction.

Also, this open license eBook gives you the opportunity to share and remix the eBook for non-commercial purposes... just as long as you give us credit for the original content.

If you choose to, you can include stuff you learn while building your pool deck, add deck pictures... anything you think will make it even better. I may even help you publish an updated version!

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