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Above ground pools have become increasingly popular with people that do not want to make a heavy investment in building a regular pool. Above ground pools are also cheaper and can be managed more easily.

If you're planning on building a deck around a pool, the first step is planning the construction. The most important part of building a deck for an above ground pool is making sure the deck is safe. If children will be using the above ground pool then you should make sure your deck plans include guard rails and an ‘edgeless’ design.

The Importance of Planning

While planning a deck for an above ground pool, there are two vital aspects to be kept in mind. As mentioned earlier, the first is safety and the second aspect to be kept in mind while building a deck for an above ground pool is stability. If you are not sure how stable your design is going to be, you should consult an architect (as you might need to install angle braces and rivets for additional safety).

Any deck building guide will tell you that using pressure treated lumber is the best option when it comes to building a deck for an above ground pool. Remember, a planned and well built deck will ensure 100% peace of mind.

Assuming that you have an oval above ground pool, there are many designs that can be used to build a deck. Remember, only start working on the project if you are confident that you can follow instructions and you are reasonably sure that the above ground pool deck will be structurally stable and safe.

Easiest Way of Building a Deck Around a Pool 

Every year nearly 190,000 above ground pools are sold in the United States, and nearly 3.5 million above ground pools are currently installed in homes across the US. If you are looking to build an above ground pool deck, here is the simplest and most cost effective way of building a deck around a pool:

Assuming that you have a standard 21 feet diameter above ground pool, the ideal above ground pool deck will feature a wrap around construction which will be connected to a spacious sun deck. Although the dimensions of the sun deck are based on an individual’s choice, the ideal sun deck should be constructed using pressure treated lumber and should support a safety rail all around.

Remember, the ideal sun deck should have sufficient space to allow a few chairs and enough room to allow you to bask in the sun. Generally, dimensions for the sun deck will be close to 10 x 18-feet.

Building an above ground pool deck is fun and does not require a masters degree in architecture, just remember to use a sturdy design that is safe for children. The quickest and safest way of building a deck around pool is to use concrete pier blocks for building a floating foundation.

The floating foundation ensures that no digging is required and concrete blocks are resistant to almost any weather condition. Although floating foundations are used all over the US, you should consult your local building authority to confirm if floating foundation based above ground pool decks are legal.

How to Build an Above Ground Pool Deck