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You’ve dreamed about your new above ground pool deck’s primary function and how you would like it to blend with your backyard and personal style. You’ve done the preliminary tests of your deck site to make sure your vision fits naturally with the contours of your backyard. But what you need to do now is clarify your plan and then decide where the final pieces will go.

It's Time to Put Your Pool Deck Plans on Paper!

Plans make sure that your above ground pool deck construction will move forward on schedule. Plans help you avoid costly mistakes caused by the type of hasty decisions you might make if you don’t have your plans on paper.

Let’s start with the materials you'll need for your above ground pool deck blueprints…

1.     One roll of tracing paper

2.     Engineer’s scale

3.     Thick and thin black felt-tipped pens

4.     Two circle templates ranging from ” to 3 ” in diameter

5.     6” & 12” rulers

6.     Pencils with an eraser

7.     Drafting or masking tape

8.     A T square

9.     A pencil sharpener

10.  100’ steel measuring tape

Before I get into each step in the process, it’s important that you remember to go one step at a time when you apply this to your own above ground pool deck blueprints. Keep it simple and you’ll keep it fun.

Step 1: The Base Map

Walk around the outside of your home, this includes the front and side yards in addition to your backyard. Be ready to take notes, sketch, and have a 100’ steel tape measure handy.

Your first step here is to measure and sketch the outlines of structures, plantings, as well as other important objects such as fences, patio, etc. You’ll need these when you draw your more exact sketches on graph-paper.

Do not guess here or assume you already know the answer! Take down the exact measurements including the distance between objects.

Here is what you should include:

1.     Exact location of property line

2.     Outline of your house, including garages and storage sheds

3.     Outline of your yard, including plant areas, trees, & shrubs

4.     Location of doors & windows

5.     Roof eaves

6.     Downspouts and runoff direction

7.     Walls, fences, steps, walking paths, and driveway

8.     Easements, such as your utility lines

Next is the detailed map, where you will take your first sketch and draw it on 24”x36” graph paper with a scale of ” = 1 foot. This is where you want to pay attention to detail. Be exact. Include everything from your first sketch. Also include any cable lines.

If you’re not sure about any of your measurements then go back outside and measure again. It’s always a good idea to double check your measurements!

Step 2: Site Analysis

It is now time to move forward and look at the elements of your yard as though you had a birds-eye view. Take your first sketch - not your completed base map - to your yard. Ask yourself these types of questions:

1.     What works good?

2.     What can be changed?

3.     Will the best focal point in the yard be visible from the pool deck?

By doing this you’ll learn, for example, how lights from the streets or a neighbor’s yard can help or harm your desired privacy… what views to enhance or block entirely… what excites you… and a lot more that will help you create the pool deck you want.

Next, trace your base map to a piece of tracing paper. Write your site analysis notes on the traced map.

Step 3: Bubble Plan

A bubble plan will give you an idea of how things could be on your deck. Do at least several of them to get different ideas in your head. It is basically a brainstorm of all that you want your deck to be and how it could be.

Get another blank sheet of tracing paper and lay it over your site analysis and trace the outlines of your property. Then make circles, or bubbles, that show the various features of your yard. Write a short description in each bubble detailing the intended use of each area.

You don’t have to be Degas to do this! You’re just organizing ideas in this step. So have fun with your bubble plans but stay realistic.

 Step 4: The Master Plan

Get another piece of tracing paper and place it over your base map. Now trace the outlines of each feature including your home. Do the hardscape structures first such as the driveway and walkways. Then add plants and trees, including the plant bed lines. Use circles to illustrate any trees or areas that will need privacy features. Label each element. Once finished, go outside and do a walk through to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Above Ground Pool Deck Blueprints – Plan Views and Elevations

Once you’ve completed the above four steps it will be much easier to draw a plan view and elevation. You’ll know what kind of pool deck you want, where it will go, and if it fits naturally in your backyard. And this will help you determine dimensions and which construction materials will be essential. These are the drawings the will more closely resemble an above ground pool deck blueprint.

A plan view is the overhead view of your above ground pool deck. This must show the joists, beams, posts, and stair framing. It may also include a partial view of the decking or railings.

An elevation shows the vertical elements in your above ground pool deck blueprints. Show footings, posts, railings, and features such as planters or benches.

Remember to go one step at a time with your plan drawings. And have fun!